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Introduction to UNC Libraries: Articles +

Article Search

Articles +

Articles+ search: find articles, eBooks, and more. 

Articles + is a great resource to use if you need to search more broadly, such as when you first start searching or when your topic is multidisciplinary. The Articles+ search will search many resources at once, making it useful for these kinds of searches.To use the Articles+ search, click on the tab labeled "Articles+" under the search box on the library homepage and enter your search terms. 

Once you've run your search in Articles+, a list of results will be returned to you, which consists of citations to articles and ebooks that match your search request. 

When trying to access an online article, here are some of the most common links to look for: 

‚ÄčFind @ UNC button link.  Journal Article Full text online link.Click this link to open the selected resources in a new window.

Other links to look for include: 

  • Full Text PDF or HTML
  • "Additional Options" if the article isn't available  


The "Full Text Online" link will usually take you straight to the article, though you will need to enter your Onyen in order to access it from off-campus. 

Depending on your assignment, you may need a to use a variety of journal or article types. For more information about what the different types of journals are, visit our Types of Journals guide.