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Measure Your Research Impact: Where to Publish

Learn how to measure the impact of your research.

Created by Health Science Librarians

Library Data Services

Library Data Services caters to researchers interested in working with data, mapping, texts, visualization, and technology. Many of these services are available online. Davis Library Data Services, located on the second floor of Davis Library, offers:

  • A computing lab with specialized software for GIS and data visualization & analysis.
  • Walk-in assistance provided by knowledgeable student consultants during set hours
  • Consultations with specialists for more in-depth inquiries (by appointment).
  • Spaces for collaboration and presentation, complete with white boards and external displays.
  • Technology short courses and programs that promote digital scholarship.

Journal Selection Considerations

Where you publish can be as important as what you publish. 

Consider the following when selecting a journal to which to submit your article:

  • Relevance: The journal should publish research that is relevant to your work, the type of article that you want to publish, and reach the audience that you want to read your work.  For interdisciplinary research, finding a relevant journal may mean looking beyond the journals in your field.
  • Discoverability: The journal should be indexed by major citation and abstract databases, such as PubMed, Web of Science and Scopus.
  • Quality: Where does the journal ranked according to impact factor and other measures of journal quality?  Who is on the editorial board of the journal?
  • Public Access: Does your article need to comply with the NIH Public Access Policy
  • Open Access: Do you wish to publish in an open access journal, which will make the full text of your work freely available online at the time of publication? 

Check out the boxes below for resources on finding a journal and evaluating journal quality.

Finding a Journal

Consider the following when searching for and selecting a journal:

  • Is the journal peer-reviewed?
  • Is the journal relevant to your research?  Check your references to see what journals they were published in.
  • Does the journal publish the type of article that you wish to submit?
  • Does the journal reach the audience that you want to read your research?
  • Where is the journal indexed?  This information can often be found on the journal's website, or check Ulrichsweb (see below).
  • Do you wish to publish in an open access journal? 
  • Does the journal have an article processing charge (APC)?  Many open access journals have an APC. 

Listed below are several resources for finding journals in which to publish your research.

Evaluating Journal Quality

Consider the following when evaluating the quality of a journal:

  • Where is the journal ranked according to Impact Factor, Eigenfactor and SCImago Journal Ranking? 
  • Who is on the editorial board of the journal?
  • If the journal is open access, then who is the publisher?

Listed below are several resources to help you evaluate the quality of a journal.

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