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MEJO 379: Advertising & Public Relations Research: Pre-Class Activities

Library To Do List

Before we meet, I'd like you to do a quick review on different types of articles, including trade journals and academic/scholarly journals.

Read Scholarly and Popular Materials from N.C. State University Libraries.

Next up, search for your topic in Google & EBSCO & tell Stephanie what you found. Details:

  • Turn your topic into 3-4 search terms.
  • ✅ Search in Google.
    • How many results did you get?
  • Search in the EBSCO suite of databases for your topic.
    • How many results did you get ?
  • ✅ Still in EBSCO, narrow your results to find an article from each of the following:
    • popular magazine
    • trade journal
    • academic / scholarly journal
  • How did you identify articles from each type of publication?
  • Tell me the title of ONE trade publication in your results and ONE scholarly journal.

Please reply on the Google form.

Search EBSCO!

Find Scholarly & Trade Articles Here

(Search Academic Search Premier, Business Source Premier, & Communication and Mass Media Complete together)

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