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MEJO 463: News Lab: N.C. Resources

About North Carolina

N.C. Department Data

Health & Human Services 

Employment & Labor


N.C. Business Info.

UNC Info.

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N.C. Statistics (General)

Book of the States

State Management, Administration, and Demographics reports include

  • Table 8.3:  State and Local Government Employment.
  • Table 8.5:  State Government Employment (Full-Time Equivalent) for Selected Functions.
  • Table 8.6:  State Government Payrolls for Selected Functions.

State Pages include

  • Table 10.3:  State Statistics.
  • Table 10.4:  Personal Income, Population, and Per Capita Personal Income.

Education in N.C.

Public & private K-12 schools

Higher education


North Carolina County Government

North Carolina Association of County Commissioners
Links to websites of all 100 North Carolina counties.