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MEJO 740: Media Law - Section 2 (Ekstrand)

Blogs & Websites: General


  • Digital Media Law Project - The latest news in digital media law. DMLP is a project within the Berkman Center for Internet and Society at Harvard.
  • Wired - The latest technology news.
  • Volokh Conspiracy - Eugene Volokh's group blog - heavy on politics, but includes law-related posts.
  • SCOTUS Blog - The must-read blog about the U.S. Supreme Court, including recent decisions and oral arguments on the docket. 
  • How Appealing - Howard Bashman's blog keeps track of appellate courts.
  • Poynter - The Poynter Institute’s Media News blog aggregates news focused on the journalism industry.
  • PressThink - Jay Rosen explores issues at the intersection of journalism and new media.
  • Center for Citizen Media - Dan Gillmor's journalism-oriented blog, Center for Citizen Media.  Lots of coverage of legal issues.

This list was updated in November 2018.

Michael Hoefges on Twitter

Often Tweets about law, regulation and policy, including First Amendment issues, related to advertising, public relations, strategic communication, health-related communication, financial-related communication and access to government information...

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Blogs & Websites: Topical

Speech/First Amendment

  • First Amendment Center - News and analysis. Under the main section, click "More" for news stories in reverse chronological order. Also, check out the topic links in the upper left corner.
  • Freedom of the Press Foundation Blog - Insights into current events that threaten press freedom and digital privacy. Freedom of the press is a new non-profit directed by former EFF Activitist Trevor Timm and co-founded by Daniel Ellsberg.
  • The Media Law Blog - A blog about freedom of the press and ongoing project of Robert Ambrogi, a lawyer-journalist in Massachusetts.
  • Student Press Law Center - A non-profit dedicated to defending the press and speech rights of students. Director Frank LoMonte blogs frequently about media law news related to student speech.
  • The FOIA blog - News on Freedom of Information Act requests and the documents they reveal.

Copyright/Intellectual property

  • Creative Commons - An overview of Creative Commons licenses and a blog for copyright/CC news.
  • Trolling Effects - Provides an overview of and news about the threats and effects of patent trolls.
  • Intellectual Property  - The Electronic Frontier Foundation's IP page is probably the best jumping off point for reading about digital IP issues. Check out the links to issue overviews on the right side of the page.


  • The Guardian NSA Files - Contains helpful background and overview information on all things NSA surveillance, including every story published by The Guardian on NSA surveillance since the Snowden leaks.
  • The Not-So-Private Parts - A very interesting blog by Kashmir Hill, who writes about issues at the intersection of technology and privacy.


  • Seller Beware - A consumer protection law blog associated with the firm Arnold & Porter LLP. Look for topics involving online advertising and consumer protection.
  • Ad Law Access - Updates on consumer protection trends, issues and developments.


This list was updated in November 2018.

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