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Military Law Research

This guide provides an overview of research strategies and resources for military law courses at UNC School of Law, including military justice, the law of armed conflict, and national security law.

Legal Scholarship on National Security Law

Legal Scholarship and Current Awareness

National security law involves practice areas that are constantly evolving and subject to amendments or changes. Thus, legal researchers should always monitor legal scholarship, blogs, and news sources to stay updated on any developments in this area of the law.

National Security Law Journals

There are a few law journals dedicated to national security law issues. Full collections of each journal are available in HeinOnline. The following are recommended titles to use during your research:

  • Journal of National Security Law & Policy - Available online through the journal's website or via HeinOnline.
  • National Security Law Brief (2010-present) - Selected online content available through the journal's website; full collection available via HeinOnline
  • National Security Law Journal (2013-present) - Available online through the journal's website or via HeinOnline.

There are multiple other journals that address areas of the law that are relevant to national security law researchers, including international law, criminal law, immigration law, and constitutional law. You can view a list of those journals via HeinOnline's Law Journal Library subject guide.

Current Awareness Resources

Current awareness resources include law blogs and news outlets that report on national security law issues. Use these resources to track changes in the national security law field, identify possible research topics for seminar papers, or monitor important laws or regulations.

  • Bloomberg Law News - Legal news source that covers a variety of practice areas, including IP law, tech and telecom law, and white collar and criminal law. Also includes access to US Law Week. (Available to UNC Law Faculty and Students.) 
  • Lawfare Blog - This blog provides articles and news updates written by experts in national security law and journalists who regularly report on developments in this field. The blog covers all aspects of national security law, including authorized use of military force, covert action, cybersecurity, detention, drones, homeland security, interrogation, laws of war, military commissions, secrecy, surveillance, and war powers. (Free online access.)
  • Lexis+'s Law 360 - Legal news source that covers a variety of practice areas, including national security law developments. (Available to UNC Law Faculty and Students.) 

Recommended Secondary Sources