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Monkeypox Resources / Recursos Para la Viruela Símica: For Providers

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Monkeypox help

If you have specific questions or concerns related to monkeypox, call the North Carolina Department of Health & Human Services (NC DHHS) Customer Service Center

In the event of an emergency, please call 9-1-1.

Si tiene preguntas o inquietudes específicas relacionadas con la viruela símica, llame al Centro de Atención al Cliente del Departamento de Salud y Servicios Humanos de Carolina del Norte (NC DHHS).

En caso de emergencia,
llame al 9-1-1.

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("Monkeypox"[Mesh] OR "Monkeypox virus"[Mesh] OR "Orthopoxvirus"[Mesh] OR "Poxviridae Infections"[Mesh] OR monkeypox[tiab] OR MPOX[tiab] OR MPX[tiab] OR MPXV[tiab] OR hMPXV[tiab])


('monkeypox'/exp OR 'monkeypox virus infection':ti,ab OR 'monkey pox':ti,ab OR 'monkeypox':ti,ab OR 'orthopoxvirus'/exp OR 'orthopoxvirus':ti,ab OR 'orthopox virus':ti,ab OR 'virus, orthopox':ti,ab OR 'poxvirus infection'/exp OR 'poxviridae infection':ti,ab OR 'poxviridae infections':ti,ab OR 'poxviral infection':ti,ab OR 'poxvirus infection':ti,ab OR mpox:ti,ab OR mpx:ti,ab OR mpxv:ti,ab OR hmpxv:ti,ab)


Note: Search adapted from one originally created by Lindsay Boyce at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center. 

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Monkeypox Symptoms

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Anogential presentation of Monkeypox

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Monkeypox: Flat brown papules and plaques, rimmed with scale, on the palms and fingers.

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Monkeypox sore

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