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News Literacy: Checklists & Teaching Tools

For Classes

Worksheet on evaluating news sites (pdf), from
News Literacy: Credible or Clickbait.
Asks about the news source's "about us" page, the author, sources, advertising, and comments. 
Leads to a conclusion: is the site credible?

Evaluating Websites: Authority and Bias

Adapted from Candice  Benjes-Small's checklist Evaluating news sites: Credible or Clickbait?


Stanford Study


The Stanford History Education Group has identified 11 assessments from their report on Civic Online Reasoning

  • Look at their assessments & rubrics, and 
  • Download editable copies for use in your classroom

Topics include social media claims & website reliability.

Materials include guideline for student responses at three levels: beginning, emerging, and mastery.


Spotting Fake News

How to spot fake newsAlternative Facts and Fake News. Blog post about how libraries help battle alternative facts and fake news. From IFLA, the International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions. Amazing graphic is available as a pdf and jpg.