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NIH Public Access Policy and You: Glossary

Created by Health Science Librarians

Library Data Services

Library Data Services caters to researchers interested in working with data, mapping, texts, visualization, and technology. Many of these services are available online. Davis Library Data Services, located on the second floor of Davis Library, offers:

  • A computing lab with specialized software for GIS and data visualization & analysis.
  • Walk-in assistance provided by knowledgeable student consultants during set hours
  • Consultations with specialists for more in-depth inquiries (by appointment).
  • Spaces for collaboration and presentation, complete with white boards and external displays.
  • Technology short courses and programs that promote digital scholarship.

Submitting The Paper

Submitting The Paper: A Glossary

  • NIHMS - NIH Manuscript Submission system. NIHMS takes in final peer-reviewed manuscripts covered by the NIH Public Access Policy and formats them for inclusion in PMC. You deposit the files for a final peer-reviewed manuscript (e.g., Microsoft Word document and figures) into the NIHMS. The files are converted to a standard PMC format, and then reviewed by you to confirm that the converted final peer-reviewed manuscript is faithful to the original. The NIHMS transfers the final peer-reviewed manuscript to PMC when it is ready to be made available publicly.


  • PMC - PubMed Central. PMC is NIH’s digital journal archive, which gives the public access to papers at no cost.


  • PMCID  - PubMed Central Identification. Each paper in PMC is assigned an unique identification number. The PMCID is also used by recipients of NIH funding to demonstrate compliance with the NIH Public Access policy when citing their publications. 


  • NIHMSID - NIH Manuscript Submission Identification. The NIHMSID is a preliminary article identifier that applies only to manuscripts deposited through the NIHMS system. Once the paper appears in PMC, it will also be assigned a PMCID.


  • Final Published ArticleThe journal’s authoritative copy of the paper, including all modifications from the publishing peer review process, copyediting and stylistic edits, and formatting changes.


  • Final Peer-Reviewed ManuscriptThe Investigator's final manuscript of a peer-reviewed paper accepted for journal publication, including all modifications from the peer review process. 


  • EmbargoThe time period, in months, that the publisher retains rights to distribution of the article. Upon submission to PMC and until the embargo period passes, PMC will provide a brief record of the manuscript, but will deny access to the full text.