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New York Times Academic Pass

New York Times Academic Pass


The University Libraries, with support from the Kathrine R. Everett Law Library, have partnered with the New York Times to provide students, faculty, and staff with access to, the mobile app, and NYT Cooking. Interested users will need to authenticate through once to set up an account.

Faculty/Staff will be provided with an academic pass valid for 4 years. Students will be provided an academic pass valid until December 31, of the graduation year they select.

Setting up your account

NEW subscribers

  1. Visit to create an account.
  2. Type in University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and follow the instructions.
  3. If you encounter any error messages, please email

EXISTING registered subscribers with ACTIVE PAID NYT subscription

  1. If you have an active paid subscription, you will first need to cancel your personal subscription. You can do this by connecting with a chat agent on the site or calling 800-698-4637.
  2. After you cancel your paid account, you can follow the directions below to claim your complimentary subscription.

EXISTING registered subscribers that DO NOT HAVE ACTIVE NYT subscription

  1. Visit to create an account.
  2. Click on "Already have an account "Log In" (Found below "Create An Account").
  3. Input your email address and the same password created for your previous account.
  4. If you encounter any error messages, please email

Activate NYT Cooking access

NEW! The UNC Library now provides access to NYT Cooking. Log in with your Onyen and click the redeem button to claim your code. You can then log in with your current New York Times account or create a new account. 

Additional New York Times resources

The UNC Library provides access to backfile articles in PDF format via New York Times Historical Newspaper. There is no daily limit to the number of articles you can download.

All UNC community members have access to The New York Times in Education, a collection of materials highlighting how The Times can be used to support curricular and extra-curricular learning. Sign up with your UNC email address. 

Access restrictions

Access does not include e-reader editions, Premium Crosswords, or The New York Times Crosswords apps. Pass users receive access to the New York Times archives (1851-2002) which includes 5 PDF downloads from the Times Machine per day via Archive articles outside that date range are not subject to that limit. Digital access is available only during the time that our New York Times Site License is active.


Contact if you have access or registration issues.

Contact Suchi Mohanty ( if you have questions about UNC Chapel Hill's subscription to the New York Times Academic Pass.

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