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Choosing Where to Publish: Finding reputable journals

Finding places to publish

It can be challenging to find places to publish your work, but here are some online tools to assist you.

Look up a journal to see its impact or publishing timeline.

Enter some search terms to find a journal.

Enter your abstract to find a journal.


The Journal Author Name Estimator (JANE) allows you to input keywords or your abstract to find matching journals.

JANE results

Using databases to find journals

Start in a database that would contain information for your area of research. Run a search for the main parts of your topic. You do not have to worry too much about building a precise search. Most databases will offer a filter that tells you the top publications fitting your topic.

publication filter

By clicking on this publication filter, you can then see a list of how many articles were published in each journal.  This can give you a good idea of which journals might accept your research. Keep in mind, these databases include magazines and trade publications as well!

publication list

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