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Scoping Reviews: How Can the Library Help?

Created by Health Science Librarians

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Ready to start a scoping review? HSL Librarians can help!

Fill out the Systematic/Scoping Review Request Form and the best-suited librarian will get back to you promptly. Our systematic/ scoping review service is only available to faculty, staff, students, and others who are affiliated with UNC Chapel Hill.

Why should a librarian be on your team?

Research shows that the methodological quality of reviews improves when librarians are active members of the research team. Librarian participation in research teams results in:

Partner with a librarian

Scoping reviews follow established guidelines and best practices to produce high-quality research. At UNC, librarian involvement in scoping reviews is based on two levels. In Tier 1, the librarian will collaborate with researchers in a consultative manner. In Tier 2, the librarian will be an active member of your research team and co-author on your review. Roles and expectations of librarians vary based on the level of involvement desired. Examples of these differences are outlined in the table below.

Role Tasks Tier 1: Consultative Tier 2: Research Partner / Co-author
Topic Development Guidance on process and steps X X
  Background searching for past and upcoming reviews X X
Development of Eligibility Criteria Development and/or refinement of review topic X X
  Assistance with refinement of PICO (population, intervention(s), comparator(s), and key questions X X
  Guidance on study types to include X X
Protocol Creation and Registration Guidance on protocol registration X X
Searching Identification of databases for searches X X
  Instruction in search techniques and methods X X
  Training in citation management software use for managing and sharing results X X
  Development and execution of searches   X
  Downloading search results to citation management software and removing duplicates   X
  Documentation of search strategies   X
  Management of search results   X
Study Selection and Extraction Guidance on methods X X
  Guidance on data extraction, and management techniques and software X X
Writing and Publishing Suggestions of journals to target for publication X X
  Drafting of literature search description in "Methods" section   X
  Creation of PRISMA diagram   X
  Drafting of literature search appendix   X
  Review other manuscript sections and final draft   X
  Librarian contributions warrant co-authorship   X

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