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Document Delivery and ILL

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About this guide

This guide contains information and resources to assist you as you search for and write about evidence-based research.

  • Evidence-Based Resources provides information about and links to article databases and websites that can assist you in finding evidence.
  • Writing Resources provides links to resources that can assist you with writing your paper and citing your sources.
  • Access Post-Graduation provides information about resources that are available to you after graduation.

Starting your search

Search Strategy

    Formulate a well-built question

    Identify the main idea/keywords/topics in your question

    Consider all possible terms, including synonyms to describe the topics

    Use OR to broaden your search / Use AND to narrow your search

    Try different combinations of terms, particularly if limited retrieval

    Consider using limits such as publication types, date range, and methodology

    Review search results; critically appraise retrieved articles  

    Revise search as appropriate.