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Head, Clinical and Statewide Engagement, Health Sciences Library

As the Head, Clinical and Statewide Engagement, Sarah Towner Wright, MLS, strategizes and leads clinical engagement opportunities, manages statewide health initiatives based at the Health Sciences Library, and serves as the primary provider of library support for the School of Medicine.  She provides curriculum support for medical students at the School of Medicine and supports SOM faculty with research and curricular implementation.  Also, Ms. Wright implements training for UNC Hospitals’ clinical departments and residency programs; handles patient-related information retrieval and the critical appraisal of evidence; provides expert-mediated searching and synthesized answers in response to advanced requests; provides clinical information and evidence-based practice for bedside clinical rounds; offers effective and innovative client-centered education services; and conducts individual and group consultations on information discovery, retrieval, and management.  

Prior to this appointment, Ms. Wright was the School of Medicine Librarian and Clinical Team Lead with the Health Sciences Library at UNC.  She was previously the Director of Information Management and Clinical Pediatrics Librarian for the UNC Department of Pediatrics, as well as the Manager of the Medical Library at the Virginia Hospital Center in Arlington, Virginia; the Hospital Liaison/Medical Reference Librarian at the Himmelfarb Library at the George Washington University Medical Center in Washington, D.C.; and the Health Information Specialist at the Rural Information Center Health Service (RICHS) at the National Agricultural Library in Beltsville, MD.


MLS, University of Pittsburgh

BA, French Education and Violin Performance, University of Richmond

2e Degree, Université de Strasbourg, France

Research and Publications

Research Interests:  Systematic review searching, evidence-based practice, clinical and academic research, residency milestones, pediatrics, medical school education


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