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So You Want To Be A Librarian?: Librarian Specialties

This fun, colorful guide is aimed at high school students and undergraduates. But everyone can use this guide to learn more about the library profession and why libraries are awesome.

Chat with a librarian

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School Librarian

Children’s and Youth Services Librarians


Reference Librarian


Special Collections Librarian


Serials Librarian

Electronic Resources Librarian



Systems Librarian

Corporate Librarian


UNSHELVED the library comic strip

Image courtesy Bill Barnes and Gene Ambaum

I want to be a...

what kind of librarian
School Librarian: 6 votes (11.11%)
Children's Librarian: 2 votes (3.7%)
Youth Librarian: 8 votes (14.81%)
Reference Librarian: 5 votes (9.26%)
Special Collections Librarian: 11 votes (20.37%)
Archivist: 6 votes (11.11%)
Serials Librarian: 3 votes (5.56%)
Electronic Resources Librarian: 3 votes (5.56%)
Cataloger: 6 votes (11.11%)
Systems Librarian: 4 votes (7.41%)
Total Votes: 54

When You're in Charge

When you become a librarian, what collection will you start?

Your Library Collection
Potato chips that look like US presidents: 5 votes (26.32%)
Books with exactly 104 pages: 7 votes (36.84%)
Barbie and Ken heads: 3 votes (15.79%)
Plastic sporks: 4 votes (21.05%)
Total Votes: 19