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Mendeley is a free citation and research manager similar to Endnote. This page offers information that will help you create and build a reference library and use Mendeley to add properly formatted references to your papers.

Write and Cite

Inserting Citations and Creating a Bibliography

To insert use the write and cite function of Mendeley, you first need to make sure you have the Microsoft plugin installed, which can find under the Tools menu in the Mendeley application. After that's installed, open up Word.

Writing and Citing with Mendeley in Microsoft Word

Now you need to click on the References tab in Microsoft Word to access the citing options available with Mendeley. Each option should be clearly labeled, but they are as follows:

Searching for references using Mendeley's Microsoft Word pluginInsert Citation(s): This button will allow you to add citations to your document. When you've clicked that button a search window will open up which will allow you to search through your library for references to add. You can search by author, title, journal, year, and even notes that you've added to the document level. See our section on adding notes for more information on the differences between document level notes and notes added to PDFs. If you are unable to find your document for any reason, you can click on the Go to Mendeley button. This will open up Mendeley and allow you to browse to the document that you want to cite. Click the Cite button in Mendeley (it's to the right of the Sync button) and it will be added to your document.

Insert Bibliography: This button will create a bibliography of the references that you've cited in your document.

Style: This menu will provide you with a number of widely used citation styles. If you are unable to find the style that you need to use then click on the More Styles option. This will open up the Citation styles options in Mendeley. From there, click on the Get More Styles button and search for the style that you need. If you need to switch to another style, you can do so here. There's no need to select all the text; Mendeley will automatically change the citation style.

Refresh: If you make edits to your Mendeley library for citations that are being used, or if you add new items while working on a paper, be sure to click this button to make sure you can find the citation that you need and that the formatting is correct.

Export: This is the button that will remove the link between the citations and your Mendeley library. Use this before you send the document to another person to look over/review. Be sure to save a copy of this before you complete this step in case you want to go back and make edits. So you may want to save a copy as importantpaper-codes.docx that will have the codes in place and save another copy as importantpaper-nocodes.docx that does not include the codes if you're sending it to another person to look over. Helpfully, Mendeley will prompt you to save the field-less document as a new file so you do not errantly make a mistake and remove the link between your document and your Mendeley library.

If you've accidentally added two separate citations when you would like the two citations to be together, select both citations and there will be a Merge citations option available:

Merging citations with Mendeley in Microsoft Word