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Mendeley is a set of tools designed to help you gather and organize PDFs, cite references accurately when you write, and share documents with groups.

  • Set up your Mendeley account on the web, download the desktop application (Microsoft Windows, Mac, Linux) on any number of computers, and install the app on your mobile devices (iOS, Android). Sync your Mendeley library between all your workspaces.
  • From the desktop application, download and install the Word Plugin compatible with Windows Word 2007, 2010, 2013; Mac Word 2011, 2016; and LibreOffice.
  • Install the Web Importer to save citations directly from databases.
  • Access your library anywhere using the online library.
  • Collaborate with group members and share citations.

Mendeley is available for free.


This guide contains information on:

If you have questions, we are here to help via chat, email, or phone (919-962-0800).

The Mendeley Support site is a great place to look more information on all aspects of the program.

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