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Mendeley is a citation and research manager. Accounts are free and UNC institutional access provides expanded storage space and sharing options.

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Mendeley is a set of tools designed to help you gather and organize PDFs, cite references accurately when you write, and share documents with groups.

  • Set up your Mendeley account on the web, download the desktop application (Microsoft Windows, Mac, Linux) on any number of computers, and install the app on your mobile devices (iOS, Android). Sync your Mendeley library between all your workspaces.
  • From the desktop application, download and install the Word Plugin compatible with Windows Word 2007, 2010, 2013; Mac Word 2011, 2016; and LibreOffice.
  • Install the Web Importer to save citations from databases.

Mendeley is freely available. UNC's institutional subscription provides additional storage space and group sharing options.

  • Personal Web Space
    Free version of Mendeley provides 2GB of storage space (about 2,000 to 8,300 PDFs depending on the size of the PDF).
    The institutional plan expands storage capacity to 5 GB.
  • Shared Web Space
    Free version of Mendeley allows you to create 1 group with up to 3 people in the group.
    The institutional plan allows you to create unlimited private groups and invite up to 25 people into each group.

This guide contains information on:

If you have questions, we are here to help via chat, email, or phone (919-962-0800).

The Mendeley Support site is a great place to look more information on all aspects of the program.

Joining the UNC-CH Institution Group

UNC - Chapel Hill's license with Mendeley provides additional features for people affiliated with UNC - Chapel Hill.  The primary benefits are expanded storage space and the ability to create unlimited private groups with up to 100 members each.

You can create an account using your UNC email while on Eduroam or on VPN in order to gain access to UNC's membership.  Do not use the option to Sign In Via Your Institution, as this is not currently functional. You must log into your account on campus at least once during a 12-month period to maintain premium access.

If you already have an existing account, use the following steps to link your Mendeley account with the UNC - Chapel Hill Institution group.

  • Sign in to your Mendeley account on the web
  • Click on the Search Icon next to your name in the top bar
  • Select Groups above the search bar
  • Search for "chapel hill"
  • Click on the link to University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill   Institution
  • Click on the green button labeled Join this Group (If you do not see this button you are most likely already a member of the group. Many people with accounts linked to a UNC - Chapel Hill email were automatically added to the group.)
  • Enter your UNC - Chapel Hill email address in the box. If you have multiple UNC - Chapel Hill email addresses, be sure to use the one that is listed in the UNC-CH campus directory.

If your group still does not appear, try logging into Mendeley from a different browser.  Sometimes that prompts the groups to update.

Please let us know if you are affiliated with UNC - Chapel Hill and have problems joining the UNC - Chapel Hill Institution Mendeley group.

Verify Your UNC Subscription

If you are a member of UNC's Mendeley subscription, you should be able to go to your Account settings, click Subscription, and see Mendeley Institutional Edition listed in your Packages.

Image showing Mendeley Institutional Edition

If you do not see Mendeley Institutional Edition listed in your Packages, please verify that you are using the same UNC email that is listed in the UNC Directory, then follow the instructions to join the UNC group.

You must log into your account on campus at least once during a 12-month period to maintain premium access. You will be notified 10 days before your premium access expires.

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