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MOBILE/WEB : RSS Feeds & Feed Readers

Set up RSS feeds that will automatically pull updates for your interests together into one reader:

Web only readers

Mobile/Web readers:

Set up RSS

What can RSS do for you? 

  • Use an RSS feed to pull new content from individual websites and databases 
  • Go to your feed reader
  • Read your new content without going back to the websites

How to use RSS feeds

  • Subscribe to a feed by looking for the feed icon (
  • Copy the URL into your feed reader
    • Most feed readers search websites for feeds by website name even when this icon is not there
    • For some blogs you can just copy the URL of the blog and post that into the feed reader

Why use RSS?

By using RSS you can stay on top of the news and information you need without using your e-mail system and without repeatedly checking multiple Web sites to see if they have been updated. 

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