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Guide to (mostly online) resources for manipulating and extracting Census data.

What is in this guide

Race and ethnicity 2010: Chicago Map Courtesy of Eric Fisher

  • Make Maps, Reports and Data Extracts: Here you'll find our favorite resources for manipulating and extracting census data online. 
  • Spatial Data: GIS Users can get started quickly by using these pointers to spatial data depicting geographic boundaries from the census. 
  • Census Geography: Census geography changes over time.  If you have questions, find the answers here.  
  • Comparing Census Data Over Time: We have some proprietary products available on CD-ROM in Davis Library
  • Understanding the Data: Here you'll find resources for understanding the decennial census and the American Community survey.   

Note: This is a guide to resources for manipulating and extracting census data for the United States.  For statistics from other countries, consult this list of International Statistical Agencies.

Image courtesy of Eric Fisher

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