Creating a LibGuide (HSL): Starting LibGuides

What to do initially

When you initially begin using LibGuides, you will need to do some things.

  1. To log in to LibGuides, you can visit the guides homepage ( and click on the Login to LibApps link at the bottom
  2. Now at the LibApps Dashboard you will need to set up your profile. To do this, click on the big blue LibGuides button in the top left corner and select LibApps. Like so:
    Clicking on the leftmost, blue LibGuides button and selecting LibApps to begin setting up your profile
  3. Now click on the button at the top for My Profile
  4. Change the Profile Box Title to Meet Your Librarian. This is found in the Basic Information section.
  5. Upload a good headshot of yourself (this is preferred to help our users put a face to a name). In general the picture should be around 200px wide by 275px tall. If you need to resize the photo that you have, please do so. Especially for new librarians, the stock headshot that they take of you can be massively large (something like 2000px wide). There's no need for our users to have to download such a big photo when it will only be resized by the browser.
  6. Next in the LibAnswers & LibChat section of the Widgets section, enter this HTML code:
    <a href=""><img alt=" can provide help through email, chat, or phone" src="" width="110"></a>
    This will add a stylized Ask A Librarian image to your profile so users can quickly go to our Ask A Librarian Service.
  7. Next in the General section of the Contacts & Social section, enter this as your Address / Phone (with some customization for you which is marked in red here):
    <i class="fa fa-envelope fa-2x" style="color:#828282"></i><a href="mailto:YOUREMAILADDRESS">YOUREMAILADDRESS</a>

    <i class="fa fa-phone fa-2x" style="color:#828282"></i><a href="tel:YOURPHONENUMBER">(YOUR) PHONE-NUMBER</a>
    <b><a href="">Health Sciences Library</a></b>
    335 S. Columbia Street
    Chapel Hill, NC 27599-7585
    (<a href=",-79.0562231,16z/data=!4m2!3m1!1s0x89acc2ef7948e71d:0xc56153903e0e3d36">Google Maps for directions</a>)

    <i class="fa fa-user fa-2x" style="color:#828282"></i><a href="/FRIENDLYOFYOURPROFILEPAGE">My Profile Page</a>

  8. If you do not yet have a profile page, then you can delete that section, but do remember to enter this information when you do have a profile page set-up.

  9. Be sure to not enter your email into the Email Address section of the General section. It produces this ugly button that we don't much care for at the HSL:
    Ugly stylized email me button in LibGuides

  10. Your finalized profile will look something like this:
    Levi Turner's profile showing the HSL's style for LibGuides profile boxes

  11. If you do have a profile page, then click on the LibGuides Profile Page tab whilst customizing your profile and enter in the full URL of the profile page like so:
    Redirecting users to your profile page in LibGuides

  12. If you have professional degrees, then you will also want to click on the My Account tab at the top and edit your last name to include them. E.g. if your last name is Smith and you have a MLIS then you'd enter Smith, MLIS for your last name. Here's Kate's profile box to show what it will display as:
    Kate McGraw's LibGuides profile box display professional degrees


Now you're ready to play with creating a LibGuide.

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