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(Allied) Health Sciences Scholarships, Fellowships, Grants, & Awards: Words of Wisdom

Resources, hints, advice, and tools (including lots of links) for Allied Health Sciences and other students.

Created by Health Science Librarians


Although this guide was originally developed for (Allied) Health Sciences students at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (UNC), much of the content is useful for a broad range of students, soon-to-be-students, and alumni, no matter their discipline or college/university. 

  • Content that applies just to matriculated UNC students is clearly identified. 
  • At the request of pre-matriculation students and of alumni, additional information has been added for these two groups. 
  • The latest addition is a special tab for librarians and others interested in things that libraries and librarians are doing to assist in this important area.  

I hope you find this guide to be useful.


Words of Wisdom to Guide Your Search

  • Start Early
  • Stay Organized (and keep a calendar of deadlines)
  • Read eligibility criteria carefully
  • Meet all deadlines
  • Give them exactly what they ask for
    • Completely
    • Neatly
    • In the format requested
    • Well-organized and well-thought out
  • Make it easy for the reviewers
    • Do not make them "work for it"
    • Be clear and specific in applications and essays about how you meet the criteria/why you fit the funding opportunity
    • Address each funding opportunity individually with specific, personal information
  • Be personal and relatable:  make them want to choose you!
  • Respond to follow-up requests promptly
  • Large scholarships and awards often have a large ratio of applicants to awards--go ahead and apply, but remember that several smaller scholarships and awards can quickly add up, too
  • Follow up with donors and others (as appropriate) with thank you notes, quick reports of your progress, and in other ways as requested 
    • This will help your reputation and Carolina's!

Financial Resources for UNC Students

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