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Covidence: Export References

Created by Health Science Librarians

How to Export References & Additional Data

In the Extraction menu of your review, select the articles you want to export and click the Export button at the top of the article list.

export button

Select either the Quality Assessments (risk of bias) or Data Extractions (data tables) export option.

Export quality assessments or data extractions

If you select Quality Assessments, Covidence will export a CSV file for Excel.

If you select Data Extractions, you will have the option to save your data as an RIS file for citation managers or as a CSV file for Excel.

Choose the file type for your export

PRISMA Diagrams

To view the PRISMA diagram created after using Covidence to screen references for your review, click the PRISMA button on the main menu of your review in Covidence.

PRISMA button

This PRISMA diagram starts with duplicate removal.  To have a complete PRISMA diagram, you will need to add the number of results from each database you searched, as well as the number of additional sources you found.  Click Export Data to copy and paste the PRISMA data.  You can download an editable template for PRISMA and fill in the numbers.

PRISMA fields available in Covidence

There are many places articles can get lost in the review process.  Remember to make sure your PRISMA numbers add up correctly!