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Open Access Resources for European Studies: The Information Landscape

So many choices in the information landscape

• The type of information you need….

• … is found predominantly in certain publication types …

• … that are best found with certain search engines…

• … that have specific options and restrictions.

From: LibGuide of Jeroen Bosman, Urban Social Dynamics

Types of information and document types

Types of information relate to types of documents:

• introductions, theory, reflection → books

• overview, state of the art → review articles, reference books

• research results, analyses → journal articles

• policy, applied research → reports

• news → magazines, newspapers, blogs, social media

• data/statistics → data sets, statistical databases

From simple non- scholarly to thorough and scholarly

• Google – just because

• Wikipedia 

• Nexis Uni (newspapers etc.) 

• Handbooks – get a grip on the subject

• Google Books + library catalogue: books

• Google Scholar: broad scholarly

• Library database: stringent scholarly, systematic