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MUSC051/PHYS051 The Interplay of Music and Physics: Citing and Formatting

Why We Cite

From the Why We Cite page of the UNC Libraries:

Quality academic writing is built upon the work of others, to which we add our own unique analysis and contributions. Citations serve three major roles in scholarly work:

  • They allow you to show how your argument is built upon the ideas of others.
  • They allow you to indicate which ideas are taken from others, and from whom those ideas were taken; in other words, to give credit where it's due.
  • They allow the interested reader to follow your argument and confirm its logic by investigating the ideas on which the argument is built, or to further explore those ideas on their own.

Citation Formatting

For the Free Topic Paper, organize your bibliography (due Nov. 23) according to the Chicago Manual of Style. (You may see Turabian as a citation style option. This is essentially identical to Chicago and intended for use by college students.)

Most e-books and databases have a cite feature (choose the Chicago/Turabian option). For physical books, use the cite button in the library catalog to format a citation.

UNC Citation Builder Create citations in the right format using this web form

Examples and tips for citing all types of music sources, including texts, scores, and recordings can be found in this guide from Indiana University

Examples of electronic resources in Chicago citation style from Perdue University.

Here is how to cite a YouTube video in Chicago/Turabian style:

Last Name, First Name. “Video Title." Filmed [Month Year]. YouTube video, Duration. Posted [Month Year]. Video URL.

UNC Writing Center

undefinedThe UNC Writing Center is a free service for UNC students and faculty. "Our writing coaches are friendly graduate and undergraduate students from a variety of academic disciplines who are specially trained in teaching writing. Our online resources are available to everyone; they offer helpful advice for writers and instructors on a variety of topics."

Check out their resource on writing about music.


Plagiarism document from the UNC Writing Center