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ROML89 La Mode: Fashion in French Culture: Home


Activity 1. You know the topics you selected for your research project? Brainstorm a few common keywords or search terms for your different topics and work with your research peers to find two relevant scholarly sources, a book and an article. Search the library catalog for a book and one of these databases for an article: Art & Architecture Source, Academic Search Premier, or Historical Abstracts. Be prepared to share your findings with the class.

Activity 2. Look for one of the articles below and consider the following questions:

  • Who produced this source? Is the author’s biography (i.e., viewpoints and personal background) relevant to understanding this source? Did he or she have an agenda? Does the author provide a bibliography?
  • When was this source created? Where? 
  • Why did the author produce this source? For what audience and purpose?
  • Is it a work of scholarship, fiction, art, or propaganda? Is it a scholarly article or an article from a popular journal?

1) Gundle, S. (1999). Mapping the origins of glamour: Giovanni Boldini, Paris and the Belle Époque. Journal of European Studies, 29(3), 269-295.

2) Stewart, M. L. (2005). Copying and Copyrighting Haute Couture: Democratizing Fashion,1900-1930s. French Historical Studies, 28(1), 103-130. 

3) Hatcher, J., & Dukovic, P. (2015, March 23). Twenty-One Dresses. The New Yorker. Retrieved September 21, 2020, from


6) Majer, M. (2018). Plus que reine: The napoleonic revival in belle epoque theatre and fashion. Theatre Symposium, 26, 11-39,142. 


Example books:

Finding books

Start with a keyword search in the catalog. Once you have located a relevant item, you can look at the Library of Congress Subject Headings within the full record tab and follow those links to find related books.

You can also refine your search by using the features on the left side of the screen.

  • Keyword: fashion and France​
    • Associated subjects: clothing -- dress -- France
    • Associated subjects: fashion -- France -- history
  • Keyword: street fashion
    • ​Associated subjects: fashion -- social aspects
    • Associated subjects: fashion -- history -- 20th century

**Tip for browsing the stacks**

Important Library of Congress Classification Ranges for your research

GT500-2370 (floor 4 in Davis Library) Costume. Dress. Fashion

TT490-695 (floor 8 in Davis Library) Clothing manufacture. Dressmaking. Tailoring

**Remember to visit Sloane Library, the art library on campus**

Call Numbers in Davis Library

Use this Location Guide to find books in Davis.


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