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This guide supports and supplements the curriculum of Adulting 101: Keeping Up with the Candidates, a civic literacy workshop put on by the Robert B. House Undergraduate Library. The workshop provides search strategies and tools for finding the most accurate, current information about political candidates and issues.

Prepare to Vote

Before you go to the polls, visit the North Carolina State Board of Elections and Ethics Enforcement website to find information about voting dates and locations, voter registration requirements, local candidates, and campaign finance.

Register to Vote

Even if you think you are registered to vote, check to make sure that your name appears on the electoral roll for the district where you plan to vote.

Selected Reliable Sources for Researching Candidates

Activity One 

Consider the following questions:

  • What is one issue that is important to you?
  • Why does this issue matter to you?
  • How could candidates address the issue?

Online Sources

News Sources

Workshop Activity

Use the news and other online resources provided in this guide to research an issue and candidate for office. To guide your research, answer the questions on the Elections Worksheet.

Activity Two

Select one political candidate and use news and other online sources to find information about them. As you research, look for the following information:

  • Which newspapers, if any, have endorsed your candidate?
    • Do these newspapers have a political affiliation or bias? If not, what types of readers do the newspapers attract?
  • Which companies, individuals, and other groups have donated money to your candidate's campaign?
  • Based on your candidate's campaign website, how do you think they will vote on your issue?
  • How has the candidate discussed your issue in public appearances?
  • Is the candidate's message consistent with their campaign website?
  • What questions do you still have about your candidate's stance on your issue?

Online Sources

text: North Carolina Newspapers

  • North Carolina Newspapers
    African-American, student, and community newspapers from around North Carolina. Some major papers as well. From DigitalNC. Dates vary.

Public Radio

Selected Reliable Sources for Researching Political Candidates

Additional Resources

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