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Searching the Literature for Animal Testing Alternatives: A Tutorial: Print Certificate

Tutorial for researching alternatives to animal research

Created by Health Science Librarians

Tutorial Certificate

Searching the Literature for Animal Testing Alternatives


This is to certify that has completed the Searching the Literature for Animal Testing Alternatives online training module.

This module was created in Winter 2003 and updated Summer 2014 by the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Health Sciences Library.

This module includes the following:

  • An overview of the process of searching the literature for animal testing alternatives in the 3R's: reduction, refinement, and replacement.
  • Access to, and an explation of, the library's expert searcher service via consultations.
  • Tips for generating keyword lists appropriate to searches, with examples of keywords for PubMed MEDLINE and alternatives-specific searches.
  • Tips for constructing search questions using Boolean logic, truncation, and phrase searching.
  • Selected databases that will be of use to researchers engaging in a literature search for animal testing alternatives.
  • Instructions for evaluating a search for literature in the 3Rs.
  • Help pages for managing and reporting results, including a sample reporting form.
  • Links to other resources available at UNC-Chapel Hill and on the Internet.



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