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IACUC Alternatives Research Source Selection Aid: Choose Your Alternatives Sources

UNC IACUC Animal Alternatives Search Database Selection Guide

Created by Health Science Librarians

IACUC Alternatives Searching Source Requirements

The UNC IACUC will require you to search at least two databases. This guide can help you select the most useful for your specific protocol.

Database Selection Tips

Click on the type of database at the left of this screen to find recommended choices.

Red Flags for Reviewers

The following are RED FLAGS for IACUC reviewers. Be careful to avoid them in your searching.

  • Animal Welfare Information Center (USDA AWIC) Red Flags
    • Only 1 database searched
    • Terms included only for painful aspects
    • The term “alternative” used alone
    • Keywords not relevant to the protocol
    • Keywords and concepts linked incorrectly
    • Inadequate time period searched (less than 5 years)
    • Use it to find useful news, contacts or articles, and to further search for similar funded research projects, but do not rely on it for any kind of thorough research
      • Its coverage is incomplete and includes many low-quality and predatory sources
      • It is not acceptable as a research or alternatives database for the IACUC

Further Help

You are welcome to contact a science or health sciences librarian for assistance in selecting the most useful database for your protocol.

If your reviewers ask you to seek librarian assistance, please contact the Health Sciences Library.