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Art & Architecture: Images & Videos

This guide offers resources and starting points for researchers in art history, digital scholarship, and visual culture.

Art & Architecture Image Databases

While art museums are digitizing more and more of their collections and putting images online, there are still a great number of images of art that simply cannot be found online or in databases.  We've listed below information about digital image and video collections, but you should also consult the "Art Libraries & Books" tab in this guide for tips on finding books that contain images of art.  The Sloane Art Library also provides two scanners on site.

Art & Architecture Film Collections

The Sloane Art Library features a collection of over 500 art and architecture documentary and feature films. The Media & Design Center on the first floor of the Undergraduate Library also has a large collection of art-related films. Also check out the library's list of films streamed online.

Open Access Image Collections

Images in ARTstor with the IAP tag can be used for publishing and educational use, without the need to request additional permissions from contributing museums. More info about the IAP program can be found here:

Specialized Software & Equipment

Djed Pillar

A narrow wooden pillar with a wide base and a wide capital. The pillar is decorated with parallel horizontal bands, inlayed with blue, red, and green glass.

Djed Pillar, Egyptian, 1500-1000 BC (New Kingdom), gilded inlay on wood with red, blue, and green glass, Collection of the Walters Art Museum