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What is in this guide?

The artist's book Panorama, by Julie Chen.

This guide provides information about researching artists' books, about using the Sloane Art Library's collection of artists' books, as well as information for people interested in learning more about making artists' books.

What is an artist’s book?

An artist’s book is a work of art created using the book form. Artists from the full spectrum of the contemporary art world have made books as part of their practice. Artists' books can range from being handmade objects that display expertise in the various book arts (such as printing, papermaking, bookbinding, etc.), to commercially produced books that embody a conceptual art project. One key factor is that the artist makes conscious use of the physical and conceptual possibilities of the book as an integral part of the artwork.

Explore the sections below to learn more about artists’ books and related resources that the library has to offer!


  • Find Reference Sources - Locate print and online overviews, catalogs, and histories of artists' books.
  • Find Articles - Search for articles through the Art & Architecture Source database or browse publications specific to artists' books.
  • Searching the Catalog for Artists' Books - Learn how to locate and access artists' books by searching the library catalog.
  • About Our Collection - Learn about the Sloane Art Library's collection of artists' books and find images of them.
  • Other Collections & Organizations - Find other institutions that have collections of artists’ books, as well as book arts centers and other organizations devoted to the art of the book.

* Photo above is of Panorama, by Julie Chen (Flying Fish Press, 2008)

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