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ARTstor Image Collections & Services: Find, Collect & Share Images

ARTstor is a collection of over 1 million images covering the arts, architecture, humanities, social sciences, and sciences. It includes tools to view, present, and manage images for research and teaching.

Access ARTstor at UNC

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You can browse ARTstor collections using a public computer on UNC campus.

In order to download or save content, you will need to register for an ARTstor user account. Access to your account will remain active off-campus so long as you sign-in to ARTstor on campus or through the UNC Library website within 120 days.  Everytime you sign-in on campus or through the library's website your account is reset for another 120 days.

System Requirements

Off-Campus Access

Searching & Browsing

Keyword Search

A keyword search will search all data fields for every image in the ARTstor Digital Library. You can search for multiple words or for exact phrases if you enclose search terms in quotation marks.

Advanced Search
An advanced search will allow you to limit or filter your search by field, date parameters, collection, classification, or geography.

Browsing ARTstor collections by:

  • Collection Name allows you to allows you to view all the collections in ARTstor. Each collection is subdivided by categories based on the content of the collection.
  • Classification allows you to view images within sixteen broad classifications, including "Architecture and city planning", "Decorative arts", "Drawings and watercolors", "Maps, charts and graphs", and "Graphic design and illustration." Each classification can be sorted further by geography.
  • Geography allows you to focus on works created by an artist from a specific country or, in the case of architecture, the location of the work. Each county or region is further subdivided by object classification.

Viewing, Sorting, Printing & Exporting Options

In ARTstor, you can:

  • Sort search results by date, creator, or title
  • View images and information about them
  • Zoom in on and pan images for greater detail
  • Print, download, and save images and related information to other hardware (e.g., CD, memory stick, hard drive)
  • Create groups of images for later retrieval and presentation
  • If you are an instructor, share your image groups with your students and colleagues

Are you a student? Here's how you can access course folders...

Sometimes professors set up course folders in ARTstor for students to use.  Here’s how you can use course folders:

To view a password-protected folder

1.       Log in with your ARTstor account. 

2.       Click Find > Unlock password-protected folder.

3.       Enter your name and the password the folder owner gave you. Click Submit. 

4.       To view the unlocked folder, now click Find > Browse image groups. The unlocked folder will appear in this list. 

  To view a public folder: 

1.       Click Organize > Open image group.

2.       Click the title of the public folder to expand it and view the image groups within.

3.       Double-click the title of an image group to open it.

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JJ Bauer is the Visual Resources Curator for the Visual Resources Library

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