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Bluegrass Music: Home

About this LibGuide

This LibGuide was created with the intention of introducing students to the resources related to bluegrass music available through the Southern Folklife Collection and the Music Library. In particular, this guide was made with the students in the Carolina Bluegrass Band in mind.

What this LibGuide is not:

This LibGuide is not a complete overview of bluegrass music, or even a complete guide to bluegrass-related resources in the Southern Folklife Collection. Rather, it is an introduction to materials that can serve as a foundation for further learning about bluegrass and the resources available in the Southern Folklife collection.


The guide is organized into five parts: 

1. Archival Collections

An introductory list to archival collections in the Southern Folklife collection that include materials related to bluegrass music. 

2. Library Resources

A starting list of resources available through the library including books, films, and streaming. 

3. Chronological Guide

The chronological section is based on musical trends within the genre. Each chronological section includes specific resources for the time period including album lists, highlighted archival material, videos, and readings. 

4. Community Resources 

A guide to bluegrass music at UNC, North Carolina and beyond. 

5. Other Online Resources

This page provides links to other useful online resources related to bluegrass music. 

Spotify playlist

Graduate Assistant, Southern Folklife Collection