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ENGL105: Researching Historian's Film Review: Start Here

Need help finding primary and secondary sources for your Unit 3 film review assignment? This guide provides helpful links to historical databases.

Welcome to the library session for Unit 3, Film Review -- Historical Fiction! Your library instructor today is Dayna (she/her). 

My hope is that the time we spend together will be useful for you, and you'll leave with at least a few of the primary and secondary sources for your feeder 3.2 Biographical Sketch. 

Please open Unit 3 Research Notes (this is a Google doc that will automatically prompt you to save your own personal copy) 

We will spend approximately 20 minutes on each section of the research guide: 

  • 5 minutes of Dayna modeling how to use it
  • 10 minutes of hands-on practice time
  • 5 minutes to share out interesting sources you found

Thanks for joining us today! 

screenshot of research guide