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Finding Music: Additional Resources

Additional Resources

Books about composers and their music can be found in the stacks under ML410. Books are arranged alphabetically by composer within this section. For example, ML410.M contains books about Mahler, Mendelssohn, Mozart, etc.

Below are examples of what the library has:

Keyboard Music by Women Composers: A Catalog and Bibliography compiled by Joan M. MeggettGuide to the Pianist's Repertoire by Maurice Hinson and Wesley RobertsPiano: An Encyclopedia edited by Robert PalmieriPlaying Beyond the Notes: A Pianist's Guide to Musical Interpretation by Deborah Rambo SinnDreams of Love: Playing the Romantic Pianist by Ivan RaykoffPortuguese Piano Music: An Introduction and Annotated Bibliography by Nancy Lee HarperStravinsky's Piano: Genesis of a Musical Language by Graham GriffithsReflections: The Piano Music of Maurice Ravel by Paul RobertsOff the Record: Performing Practices in Romantic Piano Playing by Neal Peres da CostaThe Pianist's Craft: Mastering the Works of Great Composers edited by Richard Paul AndersonNatural Fingering: A Topograpihcal Approach to Pianism by Jon VerbalisThe Craft of Piano Playing: A New Approach to Piano Technique by Alan FraserBeethoven's Piano Music: A Listener's Guide by Victor LedererPerspectives on the Performance of French Piano Music edited by Scott McCarrey and Lesley A. WrightThe (Well) Informed Piano: Artistry and Knowledge by Miguel G. HerniquesInterpreting Chopin: Analysis and Performance by Alison HoodThe Spectral Piano: From Liszt, Scriabin, and Debussy to the Digital Age by Marilyn NonkenThe Piano in Chamber Ensemble: An Annotated Guide by Maurice Hinson and Wesley RobertsThe Pianist's Guide to Standard Teaching and Performance Literature by Jane MagrathThe American Piano Concerto Compendium by William PhemisterThe Contemporary Piano: A Performer and Composer's Guide to Techniques and Resources by Alan ShockleyLiszt's Representation of Instrumental Sounds on the Piano: Colors in Black and White by Hyun Joo KimChopin's Piano: A Journey through Romanticism by Paul KildeaExperiencing Chopin: A Listener's Companion by Christine Lee GengaroBeethoven's 32 Piano Sonatas: A Handbook for Performers by Stewart Gordon.Piano Servicing, Tuning, and Rebuilding: A Guide for the Professional, Student, and Hobbyist by Arthur A. ReblitzThe Tyranny of Tradition in Piano Teaching: A Critical History from Clementi to the Present by Walter Ponce