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Finding Music: Additional Resources

Additional Resources

Books about composers and their music can be found in the stacks under ML410. Books are arranged alphabetically by composer within this section. For example, ML410.M contains books about Mahler, Mendelssohn, Mozart, etc.

Some other resources to consult:

Notes for Flutists: A Guide to the Repertoire by Kyle J. DzapoThe Flute Book: A Complete Guide for Students and Performers by Nancy ToffChamber Music: A Listener's Guide by James M. KellerWind Chamber Music: For Two to Sixteen Winds: An Annotated Guide by Barbera Secrist-SchmedesImprovisation for Flute: The Scale/Mode Approach by Andy McGheeThe Simple Flute: From A to Z by Michel DebostThe Flute by Ardal PowellThe Early Flute: A Practical Guide by Rachel BrownThe Flute by Jeremy MontaguCuban Flute Style: Interpretation and Improvisation by Sue MillerVivaldi's Music for Flute and Recorder by Federico Maria SardelliThe Evolution of Mann: Herbie Mann & the Flute in Jazz by Cary Ginell101 Flute Tips: Stuff all the Pros Know and Use by Elaine SchmidtMastering the Flute with William Bennett by Roderick Seed ;Flute Secrets: Advice for Students, Teachers and Professionals by Trevor Wye A Dictionary for the Modern Flutist by Susan J. Maclagan