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Rebecca Carlson, MLS, AHIP: Pharmacy Librarian

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Rebecca Carlson, MLS, AHIP

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Rebecca Carlson, MLS, AHIP is Health Sciences Librarian and Liaison to the School of Pharmacy at the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill. Rebecca is the primary provider of library support for the UNC Eshelman School of Pharmacy, and is responsible for collaborating with faculty to design and provide curriculum-integrated instruction; participating in new program planning, accreditation processes, and the scholarship of teaching and learning; providing research and scholarly communication consultations, expert literature searches, and other services for teaching, clinical care, research, and administrative purposes.

Rebecca is also the Clinical Librarian for the Department of Surgery at the UNC Medical Center. She is the primary provider of library support for surgery, including collaborating on surgical research, evidence-based practice, and clinical education. Rebecca has her Master of Science in Library Science degree from UNC-Chapel Hill and is a senior member of the Medical Library Association's Academy of Health Information Professionals. Before joining UNC, she was the Director of the Nursing and Health Sciences Library at Southwest Baptist University. Her undergraduate degree is in English and Education from Concordia University-Portland. 

Rebecca's research interests include technologies and improvements in systematic review and literature searching methods; interprofessional education and practice; and embedded librarianship in clinical and didactic education. 

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Recent Publications

2021-2022 Journal Articles

Alishahi Tabriz, A., Turner, K., Clary, A., Hong, Y.-R., Nguyen, O. T., Wei, G., Carlson, R. B., & Birken, S. A. (2022). De-implementing low-value care in cancer care delivery: A systematic review. Implementation Science, 17(1), 24.

Carlson, R., & Towner Wright, S. (2021). Essential services of clinical librarians in academic and health care settings: A cross-sectional study. Medical Reference Services Quarterly, 40(2), 168–187.

Herb, J., Shell, M., Carlson, R., & Stitzenberg, K. (2021). Is long travel distance a barrier to surgical cancer care in the United States? A systematic review. The American Journal of Surgery, 222(2), 305–310.

Jones, E. P., Mani, N. S., Carlson, R. B., Welker, C. G., Cawley, M., & Yu, F. (2022). Analysis of anti-racism, equity, inclusion and social justice initiatives in library and information science literature. Reference Services Review, 50(1), 81–101.

Jones, E. P., Nelson, N. R., Thorpe, C. T., Rodgers, P. T., & Carlson, R. B. (2022). Use of journal clubs and book clubs in pharmacy education: A scoping review. Currents in Pharmacy Teaching and Learning, 14(1), 110–119.

Kong, W. Y., Bustamante, G., Pallotto, I. K., Margolis, M. A., Carlson, R., McRee, A.-L., & Gilkey, M. B. (2021). Disparities in healthcare providers’ recommendation of hpv vaccination for u. S. Adolescents: A systematic review. Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers & Prevention, 30(11), 1981–1992.

Nelson, N. R., Carlson, R. B., Corbett, A. H., Williams, D. M., & Rhoney, D. H. (2021). Feedback for learning in pharmacy education: A scoping review. Pharmacy, 9(2), 91.

Niznik, J. D., Collins, B. J., Armistead, L. T., Larson, C. K., Kelley, C. J., Hughes, T. D., Sanders, K. A., Carlson, R., & Ferreri, S. P. (2022). Pharmacist interventions to deprescribe opioids and benzodiazepines in older adults: A rapid review. Research in Social and Administrative Pharmacy, 18(6), 2913–2921.

Reid, T. D., Kratzke, I., Dayal, D., Raff, L., Kumar, A., Phillips, M. R., Carlson, R., & Desai, C. S. (2021). The role of extracorporeal membrane oxygenation in pediatric abdominal transplant patients: A qualitative systematic review of literature. Pediatric Transplantation, 25(3).

Reid, T. D., Kratzke, I. M., Dayal, D., Raff, L., Serrano, P., Kumar, A., Zendel, A., Herdman, V., Gallaher, J., Carlson, R., Charles, A. G., & Desai, C. S. (2022). The role of extracorporeal membrane oxygenation in adult liver transplant patients: A qualitative systematic review of literature. Artificial Organs, 46(4), 578–596.

Shen, M. R., Tzioumis, E., Andersen, E., Wouk, K., McCall, R., Li, W., Girdler, S., & Malloy, E. (2022). Impact of mentoring on academic career success for women in medicine: A systematic review. Academic Medicine, 97(3), 444–458.

Zerden, L. de S., Zomorodi, M. (Meg), Haley, J., McCall, R., Moreton, B., & Richardson, L. (2021). Teaching note—an interprofessional book club: Bringing together social work and health affairs students. Journal of Social Work Education, 57(3), 612–618.

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