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Using Agisoft Metashape: Summary

A brief tutorial on using Agisoft Photoscan to produce 3D image from a series of photographs


Taking Photos

  1. “Aperture priority” mode (“A” on Nikon dial; “Av” on Canon dial)
  2. High aperture setting (f/5.6 minimum)
  3. Fixed focal length (i.e. zoom)
  4. Fixed focus (“Manual focus”)
  5. No flash
  6. Stationary object /environment with no movement in background

Building a Model

  1. Open “Metashape”
  2. Load Photos:  “Workflow” –> “Load Photos” / “Load Folder”
  3.  Sparse Point Cloud:  “Workflow” –> “Align Photos”
  4. Dense Point Cloud:  “Workflow” –> “Build Dense Point Cloud”
  5. Mesh:  “Workflow” –> “Build Mesh”
  6. Texture:  “Workflow” –> “Build Texture”
  7. Export Model:  “File” –> “Export Model”
    1. To print:  “Export as STL”
    2. To Display:  “Export as OBJ” / “Export as DAE” / “Export as FBX”