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Using Agisoft Metashape: Home

A brief tutorial on using Agisoft Photoscan to produce 3D image from a series of photographs


Agisoft Metashape Professional Edition is a Structure-from-Motion (SfM) and photogrammetry tool that allows users to create a 3D object from a series of photos. In this brief tutorial, we will provide you with a basic introduction both to SfM technology and to Agisoft Metashape. The instructions explain the behind-the-scenes processes of Agisoft Metashape and contain pictures of a basic project workflow.  For more details about photogrammetry and Agisoft Metashape, you can access the Agisoft Metashape user manual here.  The Kenan Makerspace also has a printed version of this manual for use as well as a computer with the professional version of Agisoft Metashape on it.

Metashape is installed on a computer in the Kenan Science Library Makerspace. Email us at to set up an appointment to use the computer or ask us any questions about using Agisoft PhotoScan.

What is Photogrammetry?

Photogrammetry is a process by which a series of photographs are used to measure distances between objects.  Structure-from-Motion is a process that relies on photogrammetric measurements to generate a 3D model of an object or environment.  A user loads a series of photos into a photogrammetry program and the computer then uses a set of algorithms to detect discernible features (e.g. the corner of a door) within each photo.  The photogrammetry software then connects the detected features by comparing photos, and from that comparison, the software constructs a 3D model.

Start by Taking Pictures

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