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My NCBI: Saving and Filtering Searches in PubMed, Managing a Professional Bibliography: Saving Articles

Saving Article Collections in PubMed

MyNCBI will also help you save collections of article citations/abstracts. Lab groups, journal clubs, and researchers often choose to save sets of related articles in PubMed for easy reference in the future. You may have up to 100 individual collections, and at this time collections are retained permanently.

Before you start saving citations, please register for and sign into a MyNCBI account.

Saving Articles
To save a collection of article citations in your MyNCBI space, first identify the articles that you wish to keep by clicking the check box at the left of each. You can then click the "Send to" drop down menu towards the top right of the list, which will give you several options. Select the "Collections" option and click the "Add to Collections" button to confirm the creation of your collection.

Alternatively, you may want to select the "Clipboard" option to save various article citations as you work - instructions on how to do this are in the PubMed 10 Tips guide - and then later transer everything to a collection.To transfer articles from the clipboard, go to "Clipboard" in the upper right hand corner and click the "# items" link. Select "Collections" from the "Send to" pull-down menu. Click the "Add to Collections" button as above to confirm the creation of your collection. NOTE: Items on the Clipboard will be cleared from your search history, so it is important to move anything you would like to save.


After successfully choosing to create your collection, you will be redirected to a new page. From here, with the articles you have saved, you can choose either to Create a new collection or Append to an existing collection. You can also choose a name for the collection you would like to create (the default name being the number of articles you've selected to save). When you are happy with your settings, click the "Save" button to save your articles in a collection.


Review A Saved Collection
To see your saved search(es), click the "My NCBI" link in the blue navigation bar at the top-right corner of your PubMed screen. Click the "Manage Collections" link in the Collections box to see and edit your saved collections.


  • Click the collection Name heading to see the articles in PubMed.
  • The Last Modified date indicates when you last added/deleted articles in the collection.
  • To delete a collection, click the box next to the collection name and click the “Delete” button above the list.
  • To merge two or more collections together, click the boxes of the collections to be merged and then click the “Merge” button.

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