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Bankruptcy Law

An overview of Bankruptcy Law resources available through the UNC Law Library

Bankruptcy Courts

Overview of the Bankruptcy Courts System

United States Bankruptcy Courts are units of the United States District Courts, but they offer a unique practice environment. The U.S. Courts website provides some basic resources about the Bankruptcy Court system including:

This site can also be used to find links to local bankruptcy court websites, which will provide local contact information and relevant local rules. The Court Locator is available in the dark blue box on the right hand side of of the Bankruptcy page.

Administrative Oversight

United States Trustee Program

The United States Trustee Program (USTP) is a national program that oversees the administration of bankruptcy cases and consists of 21 regions of oversight. As with most administrative programs, the USTP website has many valuable resources including guidance documents, speeches & testimony, and bankruptcy data & statistics. There is also information for private trustees, consumers, and debtors.

Note: Alabama and North Carolina are not under the jurisdiction of USTP. Bankruptcy Administrators undertake USTP duties for these states.