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Bankruptcy Law

An overview of Bankruptcy Law resources available through the UNC Law Library



Treatises are authored by legal experts and provide a detailed overview of a topic.  Treatises are a good place to find background information and references to primary sources. The following are a few of the bankruptcy law treatises available at the UNC Law Library:

Leading Bankruptcy Law Treatises

Collier on Bankruptcy (16th ed.) KF1524 .C654 16th (available electronically via Lexis+) For most serious bankruptcy law research questions, starting with a treatise like Collier's is a good choice because it explains the law and gives citations to relevant cases. Collier's is a comprehensive, section-by-section treatise that is among the most respected and most cited.

Norton Bankruptcy Law & Practice (available electronically via Westlaw Edge) Norton is another highly-respected treatise on bankruptcy law similar to Collier.  It is available online through Westlaw Edge, along with other Norton bankruptcy law related materials:

Additional Bankruptcy Law Treatises & Monographs

Ginsberg & Martin on Bankruptcy KF1524 .G562 5th (available electronically via Westlaw Edge) Westlaw Edge provides an electronic version of this loose-leaf publication, which is a comprehensive "how-to" treatise for all areas of bankruptcy practice.

Recent Developments in Distressed Debt, Restructuring and Workouts 2018 HG3766 .R43 (available electronically via PLI Plus) Practicing Law Institute (PLI Plus) offers this as an online resource that contains chapters on recent developments in bankruptcy and restructuring.

Insolvency Explained: Bankruptcies, Assignments, Bulk Transfers, Receiverships, Probates, and Workouts KF1524 .C6346 2017 This American Bar Association publication is a guide useful to both lawyers and non-lawyers. It provides information regarding the fundamentals of insolvency, including an overview of each type of insolvency.

Bankruptcy Abuse Prevention and Consumer Protection Act of 2005: Law & Explanation (April 2005) KF1511.597 .W55 2005 (available electronically via VitalLaw) This resource contains explanations for each section of the Bankruptcy Abuse Prevention and Consumer Protection Act of 2005, along with legislative history and useful charts ad tables.

Law Reviews and Journals

Law Reviews and Journals

Law journal articles are a rich source of legal information and provide excellent for background research on a topic, including new and trending topics.

To locate law journal articles published in the last twenty to thirty years, search the Law Reviews and Journals database on Westlaw Edge or Lexis+. To locate older journal articles or to view articles in their original format, search the Law Journal Library on HeinOnline. To locate unpublished or forthcoming articles, search free databases like SSRN or bepress Legal Repository. You may also consult the website of a particular journal to locate articles or a law school's online scholarship repository (like the Carolina Law Scholarship Repository).

Your bankruptcy law research may also involve locating scholarship from other disciplines outside of law. Sources of scholarship that may help with your research include the UNC Libraries E-Journals Listing for a list of available journals or UNC Libraries E-Research by Discipline for a list of online databases organized by research area. You can also search for articles by keyword, author, or title in UNC Libraries Articles+  to search UNC Libraries extensive collection of digital journal articles.

Practice Guides & Forms

Practice Guides & Forms

Practice guides explain the mechanics of filing, deadlines, and common pitfalls.  They often include forms, checklists, and other tools to help keep you on track.  Look on Westlaw, Lexis, and Bloomberg Law for what you can access.  Look especially for American Bankruptcy Institute (ABI) or Practicing Law Institute (PLI) guides.

Collier Bankruptcy Practice Guide (available electronically via Lexis+) A strategic and procedural guide.  It ties its sections together with Collier on Bankruptcy.

Collier Consumer Bankruptcy Practice Guide KF1524 .S6 (available electronically via Lexis+) Tthis transaction-based practice guide provides detailed discussions and step-by-step analysis of Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 consumer bankruptcy cases for bankruptcy practitioners.

Rutter Group Practice Guide: Bankruptcy, National Edition (available electronically via Westlaw Edge) Step-by-step guidance for each chapter in the Code. Includes forms and practice pointers.

North Carolina Bankruptcy Practice Manual KFN7621 .N67 2012 The Seventh Edition (2012) of North Carolina Bankruptcy Practice Manual produced by the North Carolina Bar Association Foundation, Continuing Legal Education contains case law developments, official forms, Bankruptcy Rules, local bankruptcy rules, and other useful information for practitioners.

Consumer Bankruptcy Law and Practice KF1527 .S66 2016 (available electronically via NCLC Digital Library) This bankruptcy treatise by Henry Sommer includes the latest case law and changes to the Bankruptcy Code, Forms, Fee Schedules, Rules, and case law.

Bankruptcy Deadline Checklist: An Easy-to-Use Reference Guide for Case Managment and Administration KF1524.3 .P36 2016 (previous 2009 4th ed. available electronically via Bloomberg Law) The Fifth Edition of this American Bar Association Publication is a quick reference guide for bankruptcy cases.

Bankruptcy and Intellectual Property Deskbook: A Guide to IP, the Internet, and Bankruptcy Law KF1536.I56 A35 2016 (available electronically on Bloomberg Law) This American Bar Association publication includes issues surrounding IP, the Internet, and bankruptcy.  It provides analysis and important cases in the subject area, as well as key terms, checklists, and additional resources.

Advanced Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Practice (available electronically via Westlaw Edge) This publication is written for business bankruptcy specialists and includes analysis of case law and statutes dealing with Chapter 11 bankruptcy.

Bankruptcy Litigation and Practice: A Practitioner's Guide KF1527 .S25 4th (available electronically via Westlaw Edge) This resource on bankruptcy litigation provides practitioners with information regarding Chapter 7, 11, 12, and 13 cases, litigation resource materials, analysis of bankruptcy provisions, forms, as well as other information regarding bankruptcy litigation.

The Family Lawyer's Guide to Bankruptcy: Forms, Tips, and Strategies KF1535.D58 S74 2014 This publication by the American Bar Association Section of Family Law is the third edition (2014). It is a resource for the practicing family lawyer dealing with bankruptcy law issues.

Bankruptcy Deskbook KF1524 .L4 5th (available electronically via PLI Plus) This resource is the fifth edition and is updated annually.  It contains information for practitioners regarding case law, step-by-step guidance through bankruptcy laws, as well as forms, charts, and checklists.

Chapter 11 Reorganizations KF1544 .D72 2017/18 (available electronically via Westlaw Edge) This practice guide focuses on Chapter 11 reorganizations.  It offers guidance through the process, analysis of recent statutory changes and cases, and it includes forms.

Online Practice Centers

Online Practice Centers

Online Practice Centers allow practitioners to stay current on rules updates, recent case law, major bankruptcy cases, and any pending statutory changes. They also provide resources specific to the practice of law, such as bankruptcy forms, guidance documents, and example agreements.

Study Aids

Study Aids

Study aids make an excellent introductory resources by providing background information regarding bankruptcy law.  They are good for starting research in a new area to obtain a broad overview of the topic.  The online West Study Aids collection (available to UNC Law students and faculty) contains introductory resources for bankruptcy law, including some of the titles listed below.