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Chemistry - This guide is a resource for students and researchers studying chemistry.

Science Resources 101 - This guide lists resources that will be helpful for introductory or background research in the sciences.

About the Kenan Science Library

The Kenan Science Library is on the ground floor of Venable Hall. The Science Library Annex which holds our books is located behind Wilson Library on South Rd. See our library page for locations and hours.

Research Laboratory Safety

The Safety Net

  • The Safety Net
    The Safety Net is a website about safe chemistry lab practices created by professors at UNC-Chapel Hill and UMTC which gathers and shares lab resources including SOPs, signs and checklists, and physical properties databases. 

Index to this guide

This guide will help you find library resources for chemical and laboratory safety including:
Safety & Reference Databases
Safety books and more
Safety Guides
Safety Data Sheets (SDS)


Safety & Reference Databases

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Safety Guides

UNC Dept. of Environment, Health and Safety


Biological, Chemical, Environmental, Fire & Emergency, Industrial Hygiene, Laboratory, Radiation, Occupational, Workplace


Laboratory Safety Manual (PDF)


This manual is a safety reference document for laboratory personnel at UNC-CH.This manual provides basic information about hazards that you may encounter in the laboratory and safety precautions to prevent laboratory accidents and minimize exposure to hazardous chemicals.

Safety Data Sheets (SDS)

SDS Sources to Start With:

Safety Data Sheets (SDS) contain information on chemicals and their properties, along with health, physical, and environmental hazards. Since they are provided by manufacturers, there is no centralized location for them so you may have to look in multiple places to find a specific chemical.

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