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Citizen's Guide to N.C. Banking, Home Loan & Foreclosure

This North Carolina-focused guide will point you to resources that provide information and help to citizens dealing with home loan, mortgage, bankruptcy and debt issues.

What Is in This Guide?

Citizen's Guide to N.C. Banking, Home Loan & Foreclosure

Many North Carolinians are still dealing with the effects of the economic downturn of the late 2000s as well as the COVID-19 pandemic.  Concerns remain about the value of our homes, the security of our savings and any recourse we may have to recover from debt.  This North Carolina-focused guide highlights Internet resources that will lead you to government agencies, non-profits and other organizations that can provide direct and indirect assistance regarding your rights and options.  It does not attempt to be comprehensive, but will point you to major resources that provide more in-depth information and help.

Though the Law Library has made an effort to choose only reputable sites, it cannot endorse or guarantee the information any site provides.  Your best option is to consult North Carolina state and federal government resources first.  They will often alert you to free or low-cost assistance and steer you away from scams.  The Law Library also has some helpful print and electronic resources you can consult, some of which are discussed at the end of this guide.  Feel free to stop by the Law Library and ask for reference help to find material on these or other topics. 

This guide covers the following topics: