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Resources for NC Federal Depository Libraries: Needs & Offers

N & O Procedures

Before proceeding with offers, please make sure to review the guidance outlined in the FDLP Weeding a Depository Collection document. This document details the three qualifications for weeding:

  1. Superseded publications *do not need to offer superseded materials
  2. Substituted publications
  3. 5-year rule

After the offer cycle, withdrawn materials may be donated to another library or institution, recycled, or placed in the trash. Libraries MAY NOT make any money on the sale of material.


Microfiche do not need to be offered, as long as materials fall within the scope of GPO's guidance. However:

  • Please do inform the Regional librarian if you are weeding large runs of your fiche collection; there may be portions of interest to other libraries.
  • Please notify the Regional librarian if you are discarding microfiche hearings (Y4s), for which UNC is an ASERL Center of Excellence.

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