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Resources for NC Federal Depository Libraries: Collection Tools

Collection Management Resources

Editing a Selection Profile

Documents Data Miner 2, an independent resource, merges any depository selection profile with the List of Classes. This allows you to create an Excel or CSV list of your selections (or non-selections) that includes meaningful information for collection decisions, such as item number, SuDoc number, title, and agency.

  • Begin at Depository Selection & Directory on the left side menu.
  • Search by your depository number
  • Click the hyperlinked depository number in the results listing
  • To get a list of all of your selections, click the Submit button
  • Export to Excel or CSV, if needed, and review. *I recommend reviewing with relevant subject librarians, when appropriate.

To change selections, you will need to log into DSIMS from the main FDLP page under “Collection Tools.” Your username is your depository number and the password is your FDLP password, often beginning with FDLP and followed by numbers. (If you don't have your password saved, there is a link on the page to retrieve it).

Once logged in, choose “selection profile” to make any changes that you want.

  • Adding items? Additions for tangible items won’t take effect until October 1, but you will see electronic (EL) additions immediately.
  • Deleting items? Those changes will also be immediate, although it may take a few shipments before the changes are reflected.

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