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Digital Humanities at Carolina: Join the Community

A resource for those interested in practicing and surveying the digital humanities at UNC.

Welcome to Triangle DH

The best way to start doing digital humanities is to become a part of the communities where the work is already happening. The most authoritative information on local digital humanities communities is the website of the Triangle Digital Humanities Network. The communities at University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill are many and diverse. Our DH roots run deep. The William Blake Archive, a partnership between the Institute for Advanced Technology in the Humanities (IATH) at Virginia and the Carolina Digital Library and Archives (CDLA), has been on the web since 1996. For reference, that's a full decade before the term "digital humanities" was coined.

UNC is home to hundreds of digital humanities projects in areas such as English, History, American Studies, Communication, Geography, Theater, Religious Studies, Music, and Journalism. At the same time, access to the Triangle affords us the opportunity for cross-institutional efforts. Whatever your discipline, there are groups to join that can support, guide, and enrich your work.

UNC Communities and Organizations

Email Lists
  • DH Carolina Email List
    You can join this list by sending an email with the following parameters:
    Message: subscribe dhcarolina
  • UNC Design Lab
    Describes events at the Design Lab
  • SkillfUL Email List
    Events and tips related to digital design
  • Carolina Digital Humanities Initiative (CDHI)
    The Carolina Digital Humanities Initiative promotes innovation, interdisciplinary collaboration, and engaged scholarship and research at UNC and beyond.
  • Digital Research Services
    Digital Research Services supports researchers with technology-driven services including visualization, geographic information systems, digital scholarship, and a full suite of data services. We strive to introduce new tools and techniques to Carolina researchers that support the entire data life cycle including: finding, accessing, formatting, transforming, analyzing, communicating, managing, and preserving.
  • Humanities for the Public Good
    Humanities for the Public Good is a four-year, $1.5-million initiative intended to recognize and catalyze publicly engaged scholarly activity among humanists and humanistic social scientists at UNC-Chapel Hill.
  • Triangle Digital Humanities Network
    A consortium of Triangle-area digital humanities scholars from UNC Chapel Hill, Duke, NCSU, and the National Humanities Center.
  • Be a Maker (BeAM)
    BeAM@CAROLINA is a network of makerspaces where you can join the UNC maker community in the design and making of physical objects for education, research, entrepreneurship and recreation.

The National and International Scene

If you're brand new to digital humanities, here are a few places where national and international conversations are happening:

  • Digital Studies / Le champ numérique
    A refereed academic journal serving as a formal arena for scholarly activity and as an academic resource for researchers in the digital humanities.
  • Frontiers in Digital Humanities
    Publishes rigorously peer-reviewed research from Digital History to Big Data, providing a community platform for the Humanities in the digital age.
  • Digital Humanities Now (DHNow)
    An aggregator of digital humanities announcements, resources, conferences, funding, and reports.
  • Digital Humanities Quarterly (DHQ)
    An open-access, peer-reviewed, digital journal covering all aspects of digital media in the humanities published by the Alliance of Digital Humanities Organizations (ADHO).
  • Digital Scholarship in the Humanities (DSH)
    An international, peer reviewed journal which publishes original contributions on all aspects of digital scholarship in the Humanities including, but not limited to, the field of what is currently called the Digital Humanities.
  • Journal of Digital Humanities (JDH)
    An experiment in scholarly communication conducted by RRCHNM’s PressForward Project, JDH was born of the desire to publish the most interesting and innovative digital humanities gray literature.

Triangle Communities and Organizations

Email Lists
  • Data Matters
    An announcement list connected to the short course series supported by UNC Odum Institute, North Carolina State University, The National Consortium for Data Science, and the Renaissance Computing Institute.
  • digital@duke
    Announcements for Libraries-based events that support digital scholarship activities.
    Announcements about events related to the Franklin Humanities Institute.
    Announcements about the Franklin Humanities Institute's Graduate Digital Scholarship Initiative.
    Announcements about the Munch and Mull Digital Humanities Reading Group.
    Announcements of events and opportunities related to Visual Studies.
    Announcements of events related to the Computational Media, Arts and Cultures (CMAC) Rendezvous focused on visualization. Email and put "SUBSCRIBE visualization" in message body.
    Announcements connected with the Innovation Co-Lab.
    Announcements of events related to Duke Visualization Friday Forum.
    Digital Humanities discussion list at North Carolina State University.