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ECON 58H: Researching the Tools for Success in College: Find Articles

Find Articles in these Databases

Find articles

Start your search for scholarly articles in the databases listed here. Read the descriptions to learn more about the databases. Questions? Email Nancy

How to tell if a journal is an economics journal

  1. What is the journal's title? A subject/discipline is often in a journal's title
  2. What does the journal's "about" or "aims and scope" page say? Find this easily by googling the journal title and "aims and scope"

How to tell if an article in a journal is peer-reviewed

Academic journals publish different types of articles, like book reviews, case studies, research articles, editorial columns, opinion pieces,r and more.

  1. What label is the article given? (e.g. book review, case study, research article)
  2. How does the journal define that label? Find out on the journal's aims and scope page (google the journal title & "aims and scope"). Typically, book reviews are not peer-reviewed whereas research articles are.

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