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ECON 58H: Researching the Tools for Success in College: Home

Purpose of Research Guide

This guide has resources to help you research successfully in ECON58H.

Search for peer-reviewed articles in the databases listed here.

Learn how to do data visualizations.

Want guidance? Email Nancy or schedule a research meeting.

For help specifically with writing, meet with a writing coach from the UNC Writing Center.

Databases for Finding Peer-Reviewed Articles

Find articles

Start your search for scholarly articles in the databases listed here. Read the descriptions to learn more about the databases. Questions? Email Nancy!

How to tell if an article in a journal is peer-reviewed

Academic journals publish different types of articles, like book reviews, case studies, research articles, editorial columns, opinion pieces,r and more.

  1. What label is the article given? (e.g. book review, case study, research article)
  2. How does the journal define that label? Find out on the journal's aims and scope page (google the journal title & "aims and scope"). Typically, book reviews are not peer-reviewed whereas research articles are.

Citing Your Sources

Citing Information & Data

Why do we cite? Citations serve three major roles in scholarly work:

  • They allow you to show how your argument is built upon the ideas of others.
  • They allow you to indicate which ideas are taken from others, and from whom those ideas were taken; in other words, to give credit where it's due.
  • They allow the interested reader to follow your argument and confirm its logic by investigating the ideas on which the argument is built, or to further explore those ideas on their own.

Learn about APA citation format: Citing Information Tutorial, APA

Learn How to Cite Data

Use Zotero to manage your citations

Video tutorials for learning to use Zotero

Step-by-step guide to using Zotero

Learn about Zotero & link to download

Research & Writing Help

Info about Literature Reviews & Annotated Bibliographies

Check out the Tips & Tools webpage from UNC Writing Center! Short online handouts explain different types of writing, assignments, grammar, and more. Specifically, take a look at:

You can also get one-on-one help from a Writing Center coach. Visit the website and select "Make an Appointment."

The Research Process: Picking a Topic and Brainstorming a Research Question

Developing keywords to find articles

Databases are only as smart as you tell them to be. Learn about keywords and why they're important.

Evaluating Sources for Credibility

Data Help

Use In SAGE Research Methods to learn about quantitative analysis, survey data, regressions, and more. You can practice data analysis, read about quantitative methods in the Little Green Books, and use the Project Planner to stay organized.

Watch the Excel Basics videos to learn about using Excel for data visualizations and more. Want help with data viz? Email Lorin!

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