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American Indian Studies: Highlights from our Collection


The following American Indian Studies works are highlights from our catalog that focus on legal and environmental rights and activism, land tenure and sovereignty, socioeconomic conditions, and more. However, these examples focus on the critical studies lens, rather than literature or art created by indigenous authors, or archaeological, anthropological, and historical studies of indigenous cultures. Works completed by indigenous authors and artists are located across all of our library collections, both in indigenous and colonial languages. Additionally, not all indigenous work is written; for example, writing via textiles is also an important cultural practice for some indigenous cultures. Our Chumbe weavings are a great example of this work. Therefore, this should be seen as a small exhibit of a much larger set of works, both in critical American Indian studies and indigenous art and literature. To find specific works, use the subject headings found in the "Research" tab, or search for an author or artist via the UNC Catalog.

Legal Rights, Land Tenure, and Environmentalism

Socioeconomics, Education, and Relationships with the US and Canada