Importing References into Covidence

Exporting Citations Directly from PubMed to Covidence

Generally, we do not recommend that you export references directly from a database into Covidence. Citation managers such as F1000 and Endnote have much more powerful deduplication features, so putting your citations in a reference manager first will ensure that you don't import duplicates into Covidence. But if you do need to export references directly from PubMed into Covidence for some reason, the instructions on this page will show you how.

Exporting from PubMed

Run your search exactly as you want it.  Do not select any articles.  Under the “Send to” menu, select File.

clicking on send to, selecting file

You will then see options for what type of file to create.  Select XML format and then create the file.  Note that the total number of results (XXX for this search) will be downloaded.

select XML

If Pubmed creates a file on your computer, you can import it into Covidence.  If you get a webpage that looks like the image above, right click the page and select “Save As.”

  • In Firefox, choose “Webpage, XML only”
  • In Chrome, choose “XML document”
  • On a Mac, save as “Page Source”

This will save the file to your computer, and then you can import it into Covidence.